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Mid century modern doors

Mid century modern doors are a first of element in a house that would attract attention of your visitors. Each home has its own look style and personality. Some prefer more modern exterior and accessories, while others rely on retro broadcasting.

What if we combined it into an old and modern style?

mid century modern doorsThe term mid century modern or mid mod refers to a style that was fashionable in the 1950s and 1960s. After all, this style also proves to be extremely vital and does not remain limited in its century. Many furniture, household items, and modern doors that are considered quite contemporary are in fact interpretations of well-known examples of this style.

Doors are an important element for the house look

Front door and garage doors are one of the first exterior elements that are noticed when you look at any house. Home with mid century modern doors will definitely catch your attention, and this is not accidental.
Mid century modern doors are distinguished by the use of clean lines, modern materials, and combinations of bright colors, most often combined with dark wooden elements. It also features colored glass and plexiglass, shiny metallic accents, and striking decorative prints. Various materials are used in MCM door like wood, glass, aluminum, and the impression is made of plywood. The distinctive color palette is a combination of orange, yellow, green, and brown, but modern interpretations are not limited to these colors. The most impressive feature of the style is undoubtedly the clean, curved, organic, and ergonomic shapes.

MCM door style

Overall, MCM style is a uniquely harmonious and memorable combination of natural and industrial materials, geometry and curves, neutral backgrounds and strong accents, stability and energy, functionality, and emotion. Confirming this, American industrial designer George Nelson says there are 3 distinctive mid century modern style elements: biomorphic, mechanical (industrial), and craft. Biomorphic objects are organic, curved, smooth, kidney-shaped, or boomerang – directly contrasting with the angular modern style of industrial production.

Mid century front door

Mid century modern accessories

Mid century modern garage doors

Mid century modern door hardware


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