Frosted glass pantry doors the best choice for modern look

Frosted glass pantry doors are always the best choice for modern look

A pglass pantry doorantry door may seem like just another door to add to your home. That’s where you’re wrong. A pantry door protects the insides of this space, in this reason consideration must be made careful while choosing the best kind.

A modern frosted glass pantry door is usually, but not always, full-length glass in a wooden door frame. Decorative frosted glass is the most commonly used for doors for the pantry. When selecting a door for pantry must ask oneself if whether it is compatible with what the pantry holds. There are different kinds of pantries – kitchen, butler, cold, modern, hosier, and so on.

Choosing a style that goes with the pantry type is crucial. The glass especially frosted is normally obscure because homeowners want the door noticed, yet keeping the view into the pantry hidden.

Considering the larger sizes of today’s kitchens, and the increased emphasis on kitchen design in custom modern homes, the use of walk-in pantries with these type of pantry doors has increased dramatically. Most of the high-end frosted glass pantry door will have the same type of wood frame as the cabinets in the kitchen, so that the total effect is complimentary.

With the overwhelming selections available in stores, picking one can be complex and frustrating. What is important to understand though is that whatever choice you make, it must be able to serve not just the purpose of sealing the pantry, but preserving what’s inside.

4 Rules to Pick the Perfect Pantry Door

Nowadays frosted glass door for pantry are on-trend but doors come in all sorts of makes – wood, metal. How do you pick one that best suits your home? Do you go with style and functionality, or durability and functionality? Let’s take a look at what to consider beforehand.

  1. frosted glass pantry doorWhat if your pantry gets moist or provides a breeding ground for moths? How will you salvage what you carefully stored in a pantry full of household materials? Food can go stale, lose its flavor or turn rancid if a pantry isn’t regulated with the right temperature or shut with the suitable kind of pantry door. The right choice of door that matches the type of pantry is very important for the proper storage of goods.
  2. Do you have small kids running around the house? Think of if it’s safe that they enter the pantry. Even if the things within it may seem harmless, they can still make a mess or drop things. They could also leave it ajar, or even get locked inside if they can’t let themselves out. Be even more cautious if you have pets around your home; a food pantry is all that they need if the refrigerator is a no-access zone.
  3. Does your pantry place itself in an area in your home that allows guests to frequently pass by it? Choosing a door that restricts view, or partially allows it is your call. If you want people to admire your pantry’s insides, a see-through door is your go-to choice, but if you prefer to keep it hush-hush, then a frosted glass pantry door one should suffice.
  4. Do you want to spend a lot on a door that promises to stay durable for years to come? Or are you willing to settle for less to save on such an expensive fitting? Consider again what kind of pantry it is and how you plan to keep it secure if it requires such a thing. Keep in mind that there are plenty of affordable options out there; knowing where to go to make your buy is the tricky smart.

Pantry door designs

There are many different pantry door designs to match your kitchen decor, it is important to choose one that can blend in nicely. We would recommend you find professional home builders to install the pantry door after you have bought one or have the builder custom make one. You will also need to get the necessary pantry door hardware such as hinges and parts to make it complete. As there are many interior pantry door type, we shall compare the different designs to give you some shopping ideas.

Frosted glass pantry door ideas

pantry doorMost households will choose the pantry door with frosted glass. Wooden doors are the simplest type of door to keep the pantry hidden from view. It is also easy to maintain. You can use wood pantry doors with a design similar to the wood grain of your kitchen furniture to blend in. Also with wood doors, you can choose to paint it with the wall color so that the pantry looks hidden. There are also antique wood pantry doors you can buy to keep your old kitchen look however antique doors are harder to find.

Being the function of the pantry is for storage, consider what you will be handling as you enter and exit. You will not want the opening and closing of the pantry door to become an issue. A lever instead of a knob may be used, enabling a bump with the elbow or knee to open or close the pantry door. Another method is to use spring hinges with attached push and pull plates allowing the door to close behind you.

Wood pantry door

kitchen pantry cabinet with pull out shelvesFor a modern theme, you should consider using a frosted glass pantry door or a wood frame pantry door with glass. With plain glass doors, you can look into the pantry without opening the door. Some people find plain glass pantry doors boring, you may choose a pantry door with etched glass design to suit your liking. With glass, you can choose a frosted glass look or stained pattern glass design to make the pantry aesthetically pleasing.

Frosted glass pantry doors

Besides the material of the door, for a bigger pantry, you can also consider using 2 doors instead of a single pantry door. Also, you can consider sliding pantry doors with glass design instead of the hinged type. So for all the different mounting options, discuss this with your kitchen designer and home builder.

Your choice of pantry door depends a lot on your kitchen theme and the look and feel you want in your house. Frosted glass pantry door is upbeat, fun, creative, classy designs that complement your home especially if it is prominently placed. Choosing what works best for you, in the long run, is what matters so as to avoid bumping into problems that could’ve been avoided during the initial stage of choosing a kind of door.

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