Kitchen island range hood attractive part of modern kitchen

Why you need an effective kitchen island range hood?

If you want to answer this question you can keep reading. These days open plan living is almost the norm in the majority of our homes. It has some great advantages giving great flow to your home and a feeling of spaciousness.

kitchen island range hoodWith this style of the house, however, comes the issue of odors and fumes from the kitchen permeating every corner of the house and lingering. This is especially true when baking ending as a burnt offering. These will remove the fumes as they are created to leaving your home smelling like it should do – fresh and clean.

Selecting the right range hood for a modern kitchen island is not always so easy.

For those of you who value attractive and high-quality kitchen appliances, you are no doubt pleased with all the advancements in terms of design and function that this category of products has brought to the home kitchen. One item that has given kitchen design ever more flexibility is the kitchen island range hood – perfect where downdraft ventilation is not available.

Kitchen island range hood – Styles and designs

ge island range hoodThere are plenty of different styles and designs that you can have with these kitchen island range hood and they can vary from something that looks very sleek and modern to something more vintage and traditional. There are also many different sizes that you can expect to find in these island range hoods and they can easily vary from something that covers the entire area of your island or it can be something much smaller. Additionally, you’ll usually find that they offer some type of built-in lighting so that you can better illuminate your kitchen.

No longer are you limited to a clunky appearance with an inordinately load ventilation mechanism. You have many choices, depend on your kitchen best one is a ducted island range hood, but also available are ductless island range hood or inconspicuous flush ceiling mount range hood.
With the incredible variety of choices in the range hood department, you are now able to create your unique gourmet paradise with absolute freedom. What follows is a guide to the different types of range hoods available, what to look for, and how to make the right choice.

A ducted or ductless kitchen island range hood?

There are 2 main types of kitchen range hoods. Ducted hoods and ductless (recirculation) hoods.

Ducted island range hood

Ducted island range hoodDucted hoods remove all the fumes, odors, and heat from your stovetop using an extractor fan that draws the air away from the top through a length of ducting and then expels this air outside the house. The ducting is usually run through the ceiling of your house and out through an external wall. Installation is therefore a lot more involved when compared to a recirculating system.

Check that there is ready access to the ceiling cavity and take a look at the distance between your kitchen and a convenient outside wall before choosing this type of range hood for kitchen island. If in doubt call a tradesman and ask their advice first as the cost of installation may prove uneconomical. Check that the motor on the hood has the power to extract over the distance that is required to vent to the outside of your house. With this type of system, it is advisable to have some airflow from an open window to help the circulation

The benefit of having a ducted island range hood is that you can have all of the air completely out of the kitchen, leaving you with just fresh air instead. This is usually the ideal type of range hood that many people want in their kitchen because it gives them a way to have smoky air extracted out and free of any odors. However, to have one of these ducted island range hood, you’ll have to have the proper ducts installed into your home so that the air can travel outside. This makes these types of range hoods more expensive than the filtered types.

Ductless island range hood

ductless island range hoodPurchasing a ductless island range hood is cheaper than its counterpart and is also easier to install yourself. Not only do you save money, but you also have the option of installing the hood anywhere in the kitchen as you no longer have to be concerned about any ducts.

With you, the consumer in mind, a great deal of time, research, knowledge, and thought has been put into the design and practical functionality of the ductless island range hoods. The result is a product which not only looks beautiful but is also easy and more enjoyable to use.

The line of kitchen ductless island range hoods includes a varied selection of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can also choose between range hoods that vary in terms of price, style, finish as they are designed for stylish modern kitchen appliances. They come in an attractive stainless steel finish and slick glass hood for decorative kitchen.

If you are unsure of which manufacturer is best for your needs, you can check the specifications on your stove. Your stove will show a BTU rating if the rating is approximately 50, then you will probably be able to find a suitable ductless island range hood for less than $300 which is an incredibly competitive price when you consider the high standards of quality and the reputation from the manufacturers. They operate efficiently and look very sharp in modern kitchens.

Flush ceiling mount range hood

flush ceiling mount range hoodFlush ceiling mount range hoods are also available for your convenience. In addition to providing the best in air replacement or filtration, many of these flush ceiling mount range hood comes with great quality halogen lighting, which gives your working area additional lighting and adds an appealing touch to your kitchen. Most of the ceiling mount range hoods are structured to fit into most spaces. However, you have the option of purchasing ducting or chimney extension in the future if you wish to move away from a ductless island hood.

Kitchen island range hoods buying tips

If you’re choosing an island range for your new kitchen it is the island range hood that creates the focal point. These highly stylish yet functional centerpieces command your attention immediately you enter the room. Like any kitchen range hood, these are critically important appliances, so it’s worth spending the time to choose the right one for your needs. Here is a list of factors that you’ll want to consider before making your choice.

How efficient is the hood?

range hood for mid century modern kitchen islandYou don’t want to be able to smell that dinner cooking in every room of your house so it’s important to choose a range hood that’s going to really do the job. Although the effectiveness of kitchen island range hoods is going to vary with each individual house and just how airtight it might be you can look at the model’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating to get a good idea of how well they’re going to perform.

Make sure that the kitchen island range hoods you select for your kitchen have enough power to filter out the volume of pollutants circulating in the kitchen. The power is measured in CFMs (cubic feet per minute). Generally, for every 10,000 BTU, your gas stove generates you would need 100 CFM. Ex: 45,000 BTU divided by 100 = 450 CFM is needed. If you have an electric stove the CFM is estimated according to the size of the stove. You would need 100 CFM per 10″ width. So if your stove is 40″ wide, you would need 400CFM and more.

The CFM is the amount of air that the unit can suck out in a minute. It can be found in the manufacturer’s specifications. When you start to look at the different models available it’ll become obvious that on this factor alone you really do get what you pay for. The most basic models may only cost you $50 but the CFM at this price range is likely to be only around the 150CFM mark. As you go up through the price brackets you’ll see models that command a price ranging between $350-$550 will probably have a CFM of 350-450. The top of the line models that cost around $1000 will give you up to 900CFM.

How quiet is the unit?

This is so important. A rattly, noisy unit can ruin your dream Kitchen! It’s worth checking this in a showroom to be absolutely sure you know what you getting even if you end up buying online. The noise will increase with the speed at which the unit is operating. At low speeds, the unit should be producing 30 Dba or less and at it’s the highest speed less than 60 Dba.


flush mount island range hoodGood lighting an essential part of your kitchen island range hood. How many lights? What kind of bulb does it use? Can you dim and brighten the lights? The top end models may even come with an infrared food warmer.

How easy is it to clean?

In my experience, the best hoods have removable filters that can be put in your dishwasher. Check that it’s easy to open so you can clean the housing. Soap and water should be enough to remove any grime if done regularly. If there’s a lot of build up it may be because the CFM is too low.


It is vitally important that the size of the kitchen island range hood is larger than the area of your range. If it isn’t then smoke and steam will more than likely escape around the sides.
Ceiling height and access to the exterior. Most models will fit a standard 9′ ceiling. If your ceiling is higher check that the system you’re purchasing will work. It’s essential to have a good ceiling cavity and relatively close access to the exterior of the house. Ducting can be expensive and a long lead out will drive up the price of installation.

Think about just how much cooking you usually do when you select a model. If you are a gourmet chef then you’ll be more likely to need a powerful motor and a deep hood. Deep hoods are much more effective than shallow ones as they provide considerably more draw. This needs to be combined with a powerful extraction rating.

Best materials for a modern and vintage look of your kitchen island range hood

Stainless steel island range hood

black stainless steel island range hoodWhen you are choosing the modern range hood for your kitchen there are two main schools of thought that influence choice. You can either look at the range hood as part of the overall design of your kitchen and look for a range hood that will add style and sophistication to the look you wish to create. Or you can look at the kitchen range hood as a simple functional aspect of your kitchen that you would rather play down or keep as hidden from view as possible.

When you look for a stylish stainless steel island range hood that will become a focal point for your kitchen and add value to your home then stainless steel will perhaps be a good choice for you. With recent trends favoring the sleek and stylish finish of stainless steel, it makes sense to continue the coordination of your kitchen look with your range hood choice. Stainless steel is compatible with just about any kitchen style and there are added practical benefits, not just aesthetic ones.

When cared for well stainless steel range hoods are extremely durable. Before you make stainless your choice however it is worthwhile understanding a bit about this material. Stainless has been the choice of commercial kitchens for decades and good reason. It is both durable and easy to clean. Easy to clean as long as it is cleaned regularly.

For what we must be careful when we have a stainless steel island range hood? Most steel kitchen island range hoods are manufactured using 306-grade stainless steel. This is made up of chromium and nickel alloys that give it it’s qualities. The chromium oxidizes in the air and forms a protective layer that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

This layer is known as a passive film and when treated in the right way it will continue to protect your appliance for years. When this layer gets covered with foodstuffs and oil the oxygenation process that keeps it protected stops. Then when the material is exposed to acids in vinegar and foods like tomatoes this passive film is degraded. This is when your rangehood will start to show flaws, stains, and rust.

To prevent this it is imperative to use a mild detergent on the exposed surfaces regularly. Above all avoid using ammonia or bleach on the surface as these will destroy this protective layer.

Copper island range hood

copper island range hoodIf you are looking to set your Kitchen apart from the competition and give it a timeless, vintage feel then choosing a copper island range hood is an ideal way to do it. Designers and discriminating homeowners are increasingly drawn towards this versatile material to create a feeling of warmth and at the same time distinction in their kitchens.

The resurgence of copper as both a fashionable and functional medium is obvious when you look at all the advantages it has. Copper has a wonderfully warm feel to it and when used in the right way it is compatible with just about any design scheme.

The range of finishes available in this material is what makes it so versatile. You can choose a bright, shiny finish that goes well with contemporary geometric design schemes. Alternatively, the copper can be fired or artificially darkened to give a finish that has almost no luster at all. All of them have an option that can be available like the hammered copper island range hood. Then there is the classic patina which is copper that has been allowed to oxidize to a green hue.

Somehow the addition of a copper range hood suddenly makes the house a home! The versatility of the material proves itself in the available finishes. You can choose to have a smooth clean surface or any number of different hammering affects that if you choose can give the impression of an antique but with modern-day performance qualities. Decorative finishes to aprons and chimneys are also possible with copper. Many manufacturers offer a huge range of possible decorative designs to suit any kitchen.

Caring for your kitchen copper island range hood is not difficult at all. The use of strong chemical cleaners and abrasive steel pads is not recommended. Instead, simple soap is dishwashing detergent and a standard yellow and green kitchen pad is all you need.

Another great reason to choose a copper range hood is for outstanding health benefits. Studies have shown that E-Coli bacteria that are the cause of many foods recalls in the USA can survive for many days on a stainless steel surface. On copper surfaces, this type of bacteria is rendered nonviable after a few hours. What is more, is that the antibacterial effect increased with higher percentages of copper and it also increased with raised temperatures.

Indeed, copper kitchen island range hoods are not cheap. You are however getting a product that will set your kitchen apart from the rest and give it both a warm homely feel and at the same time an air of distinction.

In conclusion, the island range hood is a great looking necessity in your kitchen, and having one greatly increases your home and kitchen appeal. At the same time, you may find that the range hood offers a much cleaner cooking experience as you don’t have to deal with grease and oil flying everywhere around your stove and cooking areas. The kitchen island range hood is a great investment and addition to any modern kitchen.



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