Luxurious home with Mid century modern double front doors


Wood mid century modern double front doorsThe mid century modern single or double front doors is the main access to go in or out of the home. Its view, its design can shape the identity of the home and shows the owner’s personality. That’s why we need to design the main entry door maximally.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, simple mid century modern double front doors but unique, and having special characteristics attached to its design can be applied. Chinese Feng Shui, an ancient belief of the aesthetic aspect around us, symbolizes the main door as a mouth delivering chi elements or positive energy flow to the whole room.

Top 20 of the most stunning modern double front doors

Wood mid century modern double front doors

Wood entry doors are a good option for your mid century modern double front doors. Wood is a good material, generally used for a door. It gives elegance, long-lasting tidiness with classic style. Combined with glasses, modern wood double front doors with sidelights can be designed like Old-World European style or traditional US style. You will not go wrong if you prefer for your home white entry door with arch transom and sidelights, this style always looks modern and aristocratic.

Wood mid century modern double front doors are cheap enough, since it is a sustainable material, but make sure you carefully choose the double front doors made from wood type; select the solid and soundproof wood instead of the light, low-quality door with honeycomb-core. Style is up to you. Don’t forget to maintain your exterior wood double doors regularly. Use warm water poured with mild soap or detergent, and wipe door using soft sponge or cloth. Don’t use tools that can scratch your door.

Modern steel double front doors

arched transom front door-doubleSteel front doors also can be considered. Double front doors made of steel are better than wood in its aspect of durability and fireproof. Aesthetically, double entry doors made of steel are equal with the wooden doors since both of them can be manually crafted to meet the desired style, easily finished to reach the smooth surface, and easily colored and can be repaint as we like. Its energy efficiency is good since the steel mid century modern double front doors are cored with foam, conserving energy, and reducing air conditioning bills. Foams also used to make the double front doors don’t creak. All of them are designed stainless, and some are designed waterproof too. Steel modern front door doesn’t need high cost and regularities of maintenance.

If you are improving your home or planning to build a new one and looking for a modern design for single or double entry doors, there are several designs that can be found on the internet. Generally, modern front doors are made of the combination of wood, glass, and steel, although another material used is not prohibited. The styles are growing; sliding door, folding door, hinged door, and many others with various designs. Make sure you look for a door which is not only unique in style, but consider its strength, its durability, and accommodate the emergency aspect, just in case your building experience earthquake or tsunami or caught on fire, the main door must be able to let persons inside to evacuate quickly.

Care about exterior wood double doors

Modern double front doors must be tough to withstand the weather, so protect your mid century modern double entry door from direct contact with rain. Make sure you choose the proper material of your front entry doors, consider its strength first and style follows. It’s better to buy all the components of the door from the same manufacturer to provide a complete entry system and protection. About coloring, be careful with the exterior wood double doors since it can lose its color under the bake of the sunlight over 4 hours a day, so make sure you ask the pros to paint or coat the door regularly.

Last word to be said, a beautiful door is similar to a beautiful mouth. Keep your home’s mouth clean and well maintained. Place ornaments around your mid century modern double front doors, like a flowerpot, wind chimes, or some living plants, which bring harmony to your home.

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