Mid century modern kitchen island accurate choice for the homeowner

mid century modern kitchen islandAn ideal modern kitchen is the one, which has all the amenities and fulfills all the requirements of the homeowner or the homemaker. From proper furnishing to lighting and water availability for hygiene space. A small kitchen has limited space should have a mid century modern kitchen island set within. It turns out to be a feasible option to convert your kitchen into an ideal and modern one as it provides a good arrangement of the kitchen appliances with proper storage advantage.
A kitchen island is a rectangular large table, which also serves as a dining space for your family. Not only this, a sink and water supply can also be constructed within the island. In addition, mid century modern kitchen island design makes your little heart of home much more lavishing and stylish.
mid century modern kitchen island hoodCertain points must be kept in mind before implanting a mid century modern kitchen island. They include the availability of area, size of the island, location of placement, materials required, countertop space, storage, appliances, budget, and finishing. Besides, a pleasant kitchen island design adds too much beauty. The workspace should be managed such that you may accommodate about six to eight chairs around and use it as your dining table. The storage space must be covered properly to prevent the entry of insects, rodents, and dust.
The central location of the kitchen is the best as it would not touch any walls and would not seem to be isolated. For long-lasting life, some classy material, which offers resistance to water and heat, must be used. Electric connections can be made to operate electrical appliances. Last but not the least; you should keep in mind the price. Portable modern kitchen islands have also come into trend, which moves on wheels.

Advantages of mid century modern kitchen island

mid century kitchen island lightingWho wouldn’t dream of having a beautiful kitchen? Gorgeous solid hardwood cabinets, shiny tiled floor, elegant marble countertops, aluminum appliances, high-quality pots and pans, luxurious silver utensils, and let’s not forget the functional kitchen island that would complete our picture of an ideal kitchen. It would be lovely to spend sunny mornings eating breakfast on the classy kitchen island, with the delicious food being served and cooked right in front of you. Or wouldn’t it be nice to sneak past your bedtime to grab a bowl of cereal and eat it while seated on that breakfast bar in the middle of your kitchen?
Not all home kitchens have a kitchen island. Some prefer to have one though, as it does not only add beauty to this area of your home, but it adds function as well that you sure would be thankful for. Spacious kitchens would look more elegant and classy with this additional piece.
modern kitchen island with seatingA dining area does not necessarily have to be outside the kitchen. Why not have it in the kitchen, if space provides. On the other hand, it may also serve as an additional eating area if you don’t really want to have the place as a two-in-one kitchen plus dining area. And, kitchen islands as breakfast bars are actually more common than as dining tables.
Once you have chosen the mid century modern kitchen island that is just the right size for your space, choose a set of chairs that has the right height to match your island’s. If the island does not come with matching chairs, make sure to choose a set that would look good with the type of wood and mid century modern color your kitchen island has. It doesn’t necessarily have to be wooden chairs. You may also pair your island with other materials to have variety and to avoid having a monotonous look.

Diy mid century modern kitchen island – making your own

Another way to have a cheap mid century modern kitchen island is to think creatively. If you have an old wooden table that you no longer use and is rotting in the basement, this is where you can employ its services. Yes, it might look shabby and worn out but read on to find how you can make it spanking like new! To begin with, if the wood is uneven on the sides or on the surface, even it out or get a carpenter to do this for you. Once that is done, buy some wood that should not cost you much and add in a few shelves under the tabletop.

These shelves will be used for storage purposes later on. For the top, you will need either tiles or something like it to give the table a sophisticated look of a kitchen island from mid century. However, before you lay them down on the top, paint the rest of the table in rich color. You can also polish it instead of dark mahogany or brown color. This of course depends on the overall theme of your kitchen. Once you are done with the paint, fix the top and there you go! A perfectly usable, sophisticated, and the modern kitchen island is ready to use.

There are also other cheap methods through which you can make a perfectly functional and beautiful mid century modern kitchen island. You can attach two cabinets or old chests if you have any. Make sure that you attach them skillfully and securely so that the back of both the chests and cabinets is joined firmly. Then, you will repeat the instructions given above by making the wood even, followed by joining a bigger wooden top than the top actually is. This is what will give it a more professionally-made look. The top must be at least half a foot bigger on all sides, ideally one foot. You can take the measurements and get a wooden slab of the required measurement. Then, paint it and adorn the tabletop with tiles. And voila! You have a cheap DIY mid century modern kitchen island ready to use.

What To Keep In Mind

mid century modern kitchen island barWhen making cheap kitchen islands at home, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you should be skilled to an extent on fixing wooden pieces together. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself and nobody would want that. Also, in order to have an immovable kitchen island, attach wheels that can be locked. This will keep the kitchen island in one place. You also have the option of fixing the kitchen island in the kitchen.

However, you might have to get professional help with this. Moreover, ensure that the tabletop is flat and balanced. As you will be using it as a table, you do not want things sliding off it because of tilt. So keep it leveled. Furthermore, since it will be used as a kitchen accessory, make sure you do not use any paints or polishes that have harmful fumes or it may poison your food.

Mid century kitchen island ideas are surely hard to come by as these are considered to be a luxury and are installed in the most luxurious of kitchens. There are the most expensive and extravagant kitchen islands available; however, looking for a cheap kitchen island can be quite a task at hand. Purchasing it readymade is always a good option if you have a bigger budget.

But for those who have very little to spare for a mid century modern kitchen island can make do with what they have and make admirable and cheap kitchen islands at home as well. This article is a testament that with a little faith in you and a bit of hard work you can always reap the best results. Put your creative genius at work and you might even end up with a carved kitchen island that you have always dreamed of and can also flaunt your artwork that you have done.

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