Unique home designs security door and mid century modern style

Unique home designs security door not an option nowadays

It is well known, that when robbers ‘work’ a neighborhood, one of their main concerns is doing the job quickly and quietly. Stalling on a well-secured door and causing a racket trying to penetrate is probably the last thing on their agenda.

Robbers collect information about the neighborhood prior to the break-in, as part of their attempt to spot the most convenient target. A front door looking well secured will have two effects: it will prevent a robber from easily entering your home and it will likely discourage him from even trying. That’s reason mid century modern front doors to be preferred, they look and are solid and strong.

Unique home designs security door with sidelights

Unique home designs security door with sidelights

So, if you’re running on a low budget, consider investing your money in thickening your front doors. The image of a heavily secured door will have a psychological impact on the robber as he wanders around the neighborhood, looking for easy scores. A well-secured door acts as a message to the robber. It tells him to go and find a different home to break into.

This leads us to another conclusion. A low budget will be better invested in security devices that have double benefits: an effective physical barrier as well as a psychological one. It will be good to invest in a reliable door hardware like a front door security lock. A good option is a modern exterior door hardware. Security devices like alarms and door contacts are important, but they do not broadcast their qualities as they are barely discernible.

If you have a low budget choose unique home designs security door

If your budget will not allow a total security package for your home and you have to choose between different devices, choose the ones that possess a psychological effect. Remember, a unique home designs security door, can be deceiving. The following list contains security items that possess a psychological impact on robbers:

  • Security yard signs
  • Fences
  • Window bars
  • Unique home designs security door
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Dummy surveillance cameras
  • Motion sensitive outdoor lights
  • Video door phones
  • Design Standards for Door Security

For a door to be considered well secured, it must be constructed from either metal or solid hardwood. Plywood, USB or MDF wood composites, usually have a weaker material structure. They do not possess the elastic qualities of solid hardwood or metal and tend to fail more easily once under pressure or strain.

The door’s total width should be no less than 2 inches thick, and its central construction should be at least 1-½ inches thick. The door’s frame must be made of metal or solid wood -the same material as the door itself. The section width of the door’s frame should fit the door in size and proportion.

Frames should have the same strength as that of the door they hold. Most doors are built from panels consisting of two vertical inner poles and top and bottom frame rails. A front door usually has additional vertical and horizontal construction units.

Other options to secure your front door

A good option is to use various security door systems like:

– Barracuda door security

barracuda door security system
– Outswing door security plate
– Roll down security door
– Wire mesh security door
– Security doors the surge

Make sure the door you purchase adheres to all of these standards, and is constructed for security purposes and not just yard decoration. Keep in mind that having a secure door does not necessarily mean compromising on aesthetics. Most door manufacturers are aware of this need and manufacture unique home designs security doors with various ornaments and styles.

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